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Designs by Janai
Designs by Janai

Business Hours

We are available by text anytime.

Hours by phone are below. 

Monday - Friday    10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Saturday              8:00 am - 10:00 pm

Sunday                   CLOSED


We are not a Pet Store, we are a family and only show pups by appointment. We choose to reserve Sundays to honor our Lord Jesus. 

Contact Info

We live in the country so cell service is not always the best. We also are working outside with horses, sheep, cattle and the like. Texting may get a quicker response. 


Call or text Debbie:  573-324-8181

Text only to Hannah: 573-470-5939

Text only to Janai: 573-470-5776

If you can't get any of us, call Tom 573-324-8180. He always knows where we are.





We are proud to be members of 

Missouri Pet Breeders Asso.

Professional Pet Asso.

American Kennel Club

Americas Pet Registry Inc.

American Canine Asso.

United All Breed Registry

Missouri Department of AG

United States Dept of AG

American Canine Hybrid Club

Certified Pet Registry


We are also associated with

American Quarter Horse Asso.

American Mini Horse Asso.

American Mini Horse Registry



What our customers say about us


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  • Brandi Jansen (Thursday, April 26 18 08:09 am EDT)

    The Ritter Family helped so much in making our decision on (their Lewis) our Harry. We couldn’t pick out our puppy in person and in working with is they ensured he was the right fit for our home.
    I wanted a labradoodle and did a lot of research and I'm very happy I did as the Ritter Family did not disappoint, from the ease of transaction to the selection of adorable puppies. They were always very responsive to my questions, and boy did I have a bunch of them. I just sent them pictures of our Harry and how he has grown throughout this year, I hope they can post them so you can see just how beautiful their Labradoodles are.
    Harry just turned a year and we couldn't be happier with our little family. He is sweet, whip smart, playful (shockingly, fetch is his favorite lol ) and loves to cuddle. We look forward to adding a sister to our family and will come back to the Ritter Family.

  • Kathy Brown (Monday, January 15 18 09:48 pm EST)

    I got Kiana from you November 9, 2017 and immediately fell in love with her. My nephew has ended up with her do to some heath issues of mine that came up and he also has fallen in love with her. Kiana has gotten so big and fluffy. Loves to play and has truly blessed our family. Even though I don't get to see her often I still get video's and pictures frequently. Thank you all for your help in the process. Hopefully I can deal with you again when the health issues straighten out. God bless you all and thanks again for everything.

  • Shannon Monticello (Wednesday, December 27 17 02:32 pm EST)

    We got our newest addition Marshall that is now called Max on Dec 23rd. He is the sweetest dog ever and already doing good in his training at his new home. The Ritter family has been amazing helping us figure out the perfect match to what our family needed and wanted since we couldn't pick him out in person. We are all so blessed to have Max and we are all so in love with him. ❤️ Thank you Ritter family for going the extra miles, literally, to help us receive him before Christmas. We are so thankful and blessed to have found your family and Max (Marshall). We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us in this process. God Bless you and your Family! ❤️

  • Madison Stoneman (Wednesday, December 13 17 01:28 am EST)

    My name is Madison and I'm interested in your doodle pups! They're all darling, but we're especially interested In Taffy and Kyleigh! We recently lost our beloved cockapoo, Lucy, to a swift and rare illness and are looking for the right pup to fill the dog-shaped hole in our hearts :) We've decided a mid-sized doodle is the right choice for us and we'd like to learn more about the cuties you have available. We live in Seattle with our two young children, own our own home with a fully fenced yard, and have great relationships with our vet, groomer, and doggy daycamp. We hope to bring home a new pup around Christmastime but could wait a bit for the right fit. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Traci Noreika (Tuesday, November 28 17 07:33 am EST)

    We receive Kimmie now Callie on Oct 3rd 2017. We picked her up from the airport and we fell in love with her the minute we took her out of the crate! She has been an absolute wonderful addition to our family and is loved dearly!! She has been great with training too. Very smart! I have to thank Debra for everything! She was great to work with! Thank you The Noreika’s

  • Traci (Sunday, November 12 17 09:25 am EST)

    We bought Kimmie who is now named Callie! We fell in love with her from day one! She is a healthy puppy! And very please with that. She adapted very well to our home! Debra was great to work with! Thank you Ritter Family!

  • Karen Memhardt (Friday, October 27 17 03:53 pm EDT)

    Libby my Aussidoodle is a gift from the Lord my angel, now nearly 11 months old with me for only 30 days. She was nearly 10 months old when I received her. She had Debra's Basic puppy training. The Vet who did her new puppy check and the Vet who spaded her said, she is the sweetest, smartest,healthiest puppy they have seen. I highly recommend puppies from Designs by Janai. She is very calm, disciplined, rarely barks, knew not to jump up on people, or furniture, was trained to potty outside, and to come. With very little training she now rings a bell hanging on the door to go outside and to potty upon command, and knows how to sit on command. I left the oven on one day, and Libby barked until I figured it out and turned it off as we were getting ready to leave. I am training Libby to be my service dog and she has been remarkable as I take her to the hospital every day. Libby is the smartest dog I have ever known.

  • Molly Toepper (Sunday, October 01 17 12:04 pm EDT)

    We got Ranger about three days ago and are absolutely in love. He went to the vet the following day and they said he was healthy and looked great. He already is almost crate trained and has had no accidents in the house. He is an absolute cuddle bug and is warming up so fast. Everything the Ritter’s said about him was true and he is the perfect addition to our family!

  • Sara lester (Friday, July 14 17 11:45 am EDT)

    We just got our sweet Milly yesterday . We are in love . She is the best dog .
    They had already worked on crate training and potty training . We lost our 12 year labradoodle two weeks ago and found this sweet girl and Debra made it happen for me to get her !
    They have a beautiful family !
    Blessed by our new love !
    Thanks Ritter family !

  • Julie Glenn (Thursday, March 30 17 09:40 pm EDT)

    We bought Grace and Lola, 2 aussiedoodle puppies about 2 weeks ago and we have all fell in love with them. They have their own individual personalities but have loved having a companion, even though from different litters. Tom and Debra have been very helpful with transition and any questions we have had along the way and it is obvious that they love their dogs. We are thankful for their conviction in serving in a ministry of fostering little ones both human and dogs.

    To anyone wondering about shedding, we haven't seen any hair on us or in house, only when we bathed them but as expected. We can already see how smart they both are and are doing well with pottytraining and are crate trained.

    Thank you again, Tom and Debra, for everything!!

  • Sue (Wednesday, December 14 16 04:36 pm EST)

    We purchased our pup December 23 2015 her name was Ahsoka she was 9 weeks old and absolutely beautiful! We named her Noelle and she gets more beautiful every day! Her personality is the best and she is so easy to train and willing to learn. We love her with all our hearts!

  • Stephanie Pitcher (Wednesday, November 30 16 04:18 pm EST)

    I was just curious what dogs you had available at the moment. We currently have a 2 year old labradoodle and were thinking of getting him a friend We are open to any kind of doodle – just probably a male since our current dog is. We are also probably more interested in one that is a bit older than an 8 week puppy if you have any. If you could get back to me with what is available and pricing, I would appreciate it!

  • Margaret (Wednesday, March 16 16 07:48 pm EDT)

    Our Aussiedoodle turned 2 this winter. He is the best ever. Likes to be close and is very energetic and yet respectful of his much older (11 year old Bernese Mountain Dog) canine companion. I can
    take him anywhere and do. He has gone on trips with us and I never worry about him being aggressive with anyone but he is a good watch dog. What a JOY he is.

  • Justin (Friday, January 09 15 12:37 am EST)

    Just thought I would touch base with you and give you an update on out new family member.
    His travel day was a long one. His layover at DFW was longer than anticipated. He finally arrived in Garden City KS airport at 3:30. Boy was he tuckered out.
    He warmed up to us right away. Slept the whole night. We started litter box training right away. He is doing GREAT, only one accident today. Wish my kids had been this easy, haha. He is such a good
    little boy.
    We are so happy with him, and I think he is with us as well.
    Thank you again

    Justin & Angela Anderson

  • Kathleen Aldis (Thursday, January 08 15 10:45 pm EST)

    I have had my Asher an Aussiedoodle since March, 2013. And I just love him he came to us in his crate at the airport and was fine. He is 8months old now is housetrained, and is so playful,we can't
    imagine life without him in it. He is easy to train and is so beautiful, people ask me if he is a sheepdog in chocolate and white. We just laugh and tell them no he is an Aussiedoodle. We thank you
    Ritter family so much for our beautiful puppy. He now weighs about 55lbs. and our family just love him. God Bless you and your family for blessing us with Asher.

  • Linda Slager (Thursday, January 08 15 10:43 pm EST)

    What makes this breeder the best is THEY CARE ABOUT THE PUPPY THAT THEY PLACE. you expect that the puppy is healthy, well socialized and my labradoodle certainly was. But they honestly care what
    puppy you get to fill your needs. Titus now Winston is a chocolate lab and white/ apricot full size poodle. I was getting him to train to be my mobility service dog. Winston, now turning 3 yrs old is
    the perfect service dog. He is so smart and goes everywhere with me, and has surpassed all my expectations. He is anticipates my needs before the commands. He knows English, Dutch and hand signals!
    The puppy I picked out, I received call before I got him to say that he WOULD NOT BE A GOOD CANDIADATE for this kind of training and change my choice to a puppy that would. They cared enough to help
    me make the right choice. Winston has learned everything I need to help me and is amazing. They were certainly right.

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